Marathon information

Program Tango Entre Arcos 2019

Friday 1.3.2019

18.00 - 23.00 - Evening milonga
TDJ Daniela "La Mariquita" Borošová (Czechia)

20.00 - the official launch of the marathon

23.00 - 04.00 - Night milonga
TDJ Krzysztof Rumiński (Poland)

22.00 - 23.00 warm dinner

Water, coffee, tea, fruit available throughout the marathon.

Saturday 2.3.2019

We offer a tour of the chateau on Saturday morning.

12.00 - 17.00 -
Afternoon milonga
TDJ Luis Cono (Chile / Sweden)

17.00 - 22.00  -
Evening milonga 
Darek Tybińkowski (Poland)

22.00 - 04.00 - Night milonga 
Jonas Maria Joma (Germany)

15.00 - 17.00 a late warm lunch
22.00 - 23.00 warm dinner

Water, coffee, tea, fruit available throughout the marathon. 

Sunday 3.3.2019

12.00 - 17.00  - Afternoon milonga 
TDJ Katharina Gewert (Germany)

14.00 - 16.00 hot soup

Water, coffee, tea, fruit available throughout the marathon.

Tango DJ team

TDJ Daniela "La Mariquita" Borošová 

(Czechia - Prague)

Daniela loves challenges. The challenge is to choose the right music - music that people can enjoy and grow to love. Music which shapes the atmosphere in the way she wants. Each collection is different, there is no routine for the tangueros, but there are a lot of tango recordings which taken together can deliver enormous inspiration.

The style of the music depends on the conditions - the type of event, the participants' level of dancing, the atmosphere at the time, and so on. Daniela only plays traditional music, including contemporary groups which she uses as a musical spice.

She usually starts with fine recordings from the golden age which are easy to dance to. Then she observes and tries to build up the set according to the current conditions.

She plays at regular milongas and marathons in Berlin, Milan, Bucharest, Warsaw, Lublin, London, Istanbul, Munich and Amsterdam.

TDJ Krzysztof Rumiński

(Poland - Torun)

Krzysztof comes from Torun in Poland, where there is a very long tango tradition.
"I choose my music to create the best atmosphere for the dancers to have a short musical flirt. Often I start with the best-loved pearls, which we like to dance to because we know them, but I also look for unknown gems that deserve to be discovered. I don't have a favourite group, I haven't found my first among equals yet. At each of my milongas the speakers play di Sarli, Troilo, Canaro, d'Arienzo, Rodriguez, and other names from the golden age."

We know Krzysztof from Polish tango marathons, we know that he really plays from the heart, with great enthusiasm and a flair for atmosphere.

TDJ Luis Cono

(Chile / Sweden - Malmö)

Luis is a tango DJ from Chile who lives in Sweden.

During the Entre Arcos tango marathon he will play beautiful sets for dancing up close, to show you the huge amount of energy that the tango offers, and leave you with beautiful memories from Hradec.

We know Luis as a great tango DJ from marathons in Poland. He can really mix up an incredible mixture of music, so the energy visibly flows through the hall.

TDJ Darek Tybińkowski

(Poland - Łódź)

Darek used to perform in theatres and musicals. At present he's a passionate devotee of tango, and organises the Polish Monday milongas in GKO. His musical taste starts with composers from before the golden age, and extends up to the groups of the present day. He chooses each song and artist to help the dancers enjoy the embrace of the tango, and to maintain the atmosphere and energy on the dance floor.

TDJ Jonas Maria Joma

(Germany - Cologne)

Jonas brings a volcano of energy and joy to the dance floor thanks to his music and unique personality. You can't stay in your seat during his sets.

He says: "Dive into the wonderful passion of tango! I am very grateful that tango music has come into my life. It's a gift that fills me up. Thank you for allowing me to play, listen, learn and dance. Through tango I can dive into another world - of mysticism, mood, melody, atmosphere, fantasy.

The music, lyrics, melody and dance inspire me and give me what I've been missing in this world; then I feel the energy!

Mind, body and soul are connected and form a whole.

Music changes me, gives me ecstasy, I let the feelings flow.

I know what I'm doing, and I love what I do! I want to make your inner child blossom, just like my inner child lives for music, rhythm, emotion, joy, and fun. I would like my music to tell a story and take you on a journey.

Tango should be a celebration for all of us - mutual giving and taking. I'm happy to celebrate with you, because I love you as a people, because I love music. The most beautiful moods and moments are always experienced together!"

TDJ Katharina Gewert

(Germany - Oberhausen)

Katharina loves music and dance. In 2011 she started to dance the tango, a dance that gives the most music to her soul. Katharina's love for the tango, her exquisite taste and sensibility, are well known to the milongas in Germany. In 2017 her inexhaustible energy encouraged her to start organising milongas in Oberhausen, where she shares her joy of tango with others.
Her evenings have become one of the most popular dance events in the area. She plays at a lot of tango events in Germany, Holland and Poland.


Soňa Komárková (Czechia - Ostrava)
During the marathon I will take photos for you. I regularly take photos at Czech and Polish milongas, tango festivals and marathons in Poland. I enjoy searching for the rays of light in the dark milongas, which briefly illuminate your passions and emotions, and reveal both the outer and the intimate world of the tango. You can find my photos here.