The milongas' location

All the milongas will take place in the hall of the neo-Gothic Red Castle, which is part of the castle complex at Hradec nad Moravicí. A big wooden dance floor 370 m2 has been prepared for you. There will be snacks and dinner, and a bar with waiter service will be open all the time. At the entrance there will be a cloakroom, and near the hall an area for relaxation.

More about the castle:

A castle full of music

Ludwig van Beethoven arrived for the first time in Hradec nad Moravicí at the invitation of his patron, Prince Karel Lichnovský, in the summer of 1806. He spent three months in the chateau, but then the stubborn and dour Beethoven argued with the prince and left.

At the heart of the dispute was Karel Lichnovský's wish that the master play for some French officers, whose troops were besieging Hradec nad Moravicí and who wanted the prince to favour their side and so prevent the looting of the castle. Beethoven refused to perform one of his finest works, which he had just composed here - the Piano Sonata in F minor, Opus 57, the Appassionata. He struggled with the prince, broke Lichnovský's bust, and supposedly, if not for the quick intervention of Prince Oppensdorff, he would also have smashed the head of the real Lichnovsky with a chair he had grabbed in his excitement. Beethoven left after the incident and stayed in Opava. Despite this, the prince wrote in a letter that there are thousands of princes, but only one Beethoven.Beethoven came to Hradec for the second time five years later; this visit was shorter, but it too did not pass without conflict. The genius composer attended a concert at which his Mass in C Major was heard. He was so dissatisfied with the conductor's performance that he could not bear any more, jumped out of his chair, grabbed the baton, and conducted the concert himself.

The visits by the famous, yet choleric Beethoven is remembered in Hradec nad Moravicí not only by the classical music festival 'Beethoven's Hradec', which is today one of the most important festivals in our country, but also by the many objects used by the composer. Visitors to the castle in Hradec nad Moravicí can also see his room.

Although the story of Ludwig van Beethoven is most closely connected with Hradec, not every visit by prominent musicians was so unsuccessful. The Lichnovský family were art lovers and patrons of the most famous musicians of their time. Karel Lichnovský himself was a student of the magnificent Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As further examples, the violinist Nicolo Paganini and the composer Franz Liszt stayed in the castle; Felix Lichnovský did not hesitate to buy a mahogany piano for the latter's performance at the chateau, for the princely sum of 600 thalers.