For accommodation during the marathon,
you can stay at these hotels in the vicinity of the castle.

Hotel Belaria Resort  - wellness

available - capacity  150 persons 

Žimrovická 663, Hradec nad Moravicí 
(2 km, 5 minutes by car or taxi, 20 minutes on foot ), a wellness spa  

                       If you use the password "TANGO" when you order,
             you will have the option of a later breakfast and a later check-out 
                                    and special prices of accomodation. 

Special prices for password "TANGO": 

double room with breakfast + wellness  1800 CZK per night 

single room with breakfast + wellness 1200 CZK per night  

booking:  - password "TANGO" 

Areál dobré pohody

Hradecká 76, Žimrovice ( 7 min by car or taxi, 4 km )
Prices: from 300 CZK / persone / per night


Areál Salaš

Opavská 386, Hradec nad Moravicí ( 5 min by car or taxi, 4 km )
Prices: double room from 1150 CZK per night  


Hotel Sonáta

50 m
We are sorry, but hotel Sonata is already occupied by faster tangueros 

For more accommodation options: Hotels and guest houses in Opava
(8 km from Hradec nad Moravicí) - 

TAXI TO AND FROM THE CASTLE -+420 602 795 533